Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I like stuff.  If I had to choose what to do on my day off, I would probably go shopping for awhile.  I would buy a cute new outfit or something to hang on the wall in my house full of stuff.  I'm conflicted about my love of stuff - because Jesus told a rich young man to sell everything and give it to the poor.  That's what that guy needed to do so he could enjoy eternal life.  That makes me think.  A lot.

But I like the stuff of God, too.  When I take time to enjoy the "God Stuff" of this world, I'm pretty sure I like it more than the other stuff.  

I like the trees because they remind me that it's ok to change.  In fact, changing is actually more beautiful than staying the same.  And if part of the tree dies - well - it comes back the next year - stronger, and fuller and even more beautiful.

I like the lakes and oceans because they make me feel like I can jump right into God and be engulfed by love.  I can dive in and the part of me that feels heavy and unrelenting suddenly becomes buoyant.  That makes me think of grace.

I like the mountains the most of all.  The mountains overwhelm me with the sturdiness of God.  Even though the grass withers and the flowers fade - I can count on God to be that rock, that mountain, that shelter and hiding place that I need just to make it through the day.  

Yep - I like stuff.  And God must love me a lot to let me enjoy the stuff that He made even though I'm drawn to all sorts of stuff that I surely don't need.  I guess the beauty of God's stuff is a reminder that no matter how the clutter of life surrounds me - God's love is always more beautiful, more magnificent, more peaceful and steadfast than any of that other stuff.

Thanks, God.  I like the stuff you made!

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