Thursday, December 8, 2011

Child Philosopher

"Mommy, does love ever end?"  This is the question my sweet six-year-old asked me last night as we were sitting on the sofa spending 'normal' time together.  I don't know where it came from - but if I had to guess - she was feeling the same way I was feeling at that moment.  You know - that feeling where if you had to pick a place on the planet to be and it could be absolutely ANYWHERE - you would pick exactly where you are?  I was sitting there  thinking - "I love this child SO much."  I'm assuming she was feeling that same perfect peace and transcendent love when she asked the question.  

I said to her, "No, sweetie - love NEVER ends."  Of course she had a response to this - "Yes it does, mommy.  It ends when we die."  Big mistake to say that to a pastor-mommy.  But I dialed it back a bit from the fifteen minute sermon (are you proud of me?)  I said to her - "My daddy died, and I still love him.  So love doesn't end when we die."  She also had a response to this - "Yes it does.  It ends when we ALL know -  When no one is left on the earth."  She's a philosopher, that one!  Of course you know what I told her.......

It's that love that never ends that we are celebrating in this season.  The kind of love that comes beautifully and purely wrapped in His mother's arms.  The kind of love that catches us by surprise and makes us wonder at a God who would be so bold and yet so subtle to sneak up on us in the vulnerability of a baby.  The kind of love that when there was no other way to get the point across - God sent straight from heaven to earth.  Yep - it's the kind of love that brings heaven to earth that we celebrate.  But that's not where it ends.  Because love is a story that never ends.

Love lives and dies and rises and lives forever.  The beginning of the story is that love comes down to earth.  The end of the story is that love NEVER ends.  Not when you die.  Not when I die.  Not when all the people on earth die.  

No, my sweet girl - love NEVER ends.  Because God is love.

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