Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm new to this

I've never blogged before.  I've never even kept a diary.  I don't even really like writing.  Talking is more my thing.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for my nine year old.  I see myself in her - fraught with anxiety about the unknown things that might come her way.  Who will I sit next to at lunch?  Will my best friend still talk to me even though she's in a different class?  Will my mom remember to pick me up at the bus stop?  (it's happened).  And as I begin this blog - my questions are similar to hers.  Will anyone really want to read this?  Do I have anything original to say when it comes right down to it?  Will my best friend even know that I have a blog, let alone read it?  Will I be able to keep it up - or will it fade into the limelight with so many other projects I've started?

Enough with the questions.  My goal for this blog is to use my voice.  I am most passionate in life about God's amazing Grace.  Grace has been kidnapped by a theology that finger points and Bible bashes.   God's love sets us free.  Period.  I've experienced it in my own life.  I've seen it change other's lives.  This life with God is not about guilt, shame, expectation or obligation.  Life with God is about being free to love and live and laugh.  It's about knowing that even when we suffer - God is with us....not punishing us, but crying with us.  Life with God is healing hurts and leaning into love.  It's about looking at another person and seeing Jesus.  I'll write about other topics - like my daughter's first day of school.  But grace is what motivates me.  So look for reflections on grace.  God's grace.  God's Amazing Grace.


  1. I'll read it!

    And you're off to a great start, btw! :)

  2. I agree ... you're off to a great start !
    Am looking forward to following you on this journey .

  3. Hi. I found you via Byzantium's Shores. First off, I must say I absolutely LOVE your page design. A lot of people complain about bright colors on websites but I think it looks cheerful.

    I'm not a religious person myself but that could be because I'm so turned off by the kind of religious people who get most of the attention in our society. I'll come back occasionally to see what you have to say.

  4. What an appropriate theme for your blog! I read somewhere that often those who are the most fundamentalist and dogmatic about their religious beliefs are the most unloving and unforgiving. Seems true of many of our world's religions. What was that old song. . .they'll know we are Christians by our love. . by our love. . Thanks for sharing your ideas.